Autumn brussels sprouts salad

I almost never eat brussels sprouts, but I thought it is about time to change that and created this ultra easy and tasty autumn salad. If you make a big portion it is perfect to storage and makes an easy salad to go.

Makes 4 serves + extra to bring as lunch

2 dl pearl barley
400 g brussels sprouts
2 handfuls sprouts (I used mung beans)
150 feta cheese (try to find a real feta made out of goat and sheep milk), crumbled
100 g walnuts, roughly crushed
2 autumn apples, cut into 1×1 cm cubes
juice of 1/2 lemon
3 tbsp rapeseed oil

How to make
Cook barley as described on the package in salty water. When cooked cool down and season with black pepper. Blanch brussels sprouts for 2 minutes in salted water and immediately cool down in cold water. Cut the big brussels sprouts in halves. Mix lemon juice and rapeseed oil and mix with all the ingredients in a big bowl. Serve ❤


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