Beet, carrot and apple juice

Research shows that beets is really good for your health but unfortunately raw beet juice and I don’t come along that well. But mixed with the sourness from the apples and citrus fruits, the sweetness from the carrots and a touch of ginger the beets are really tasty and fresh. I think this juice is one of my favourites.

How to make 2 serves:

2 beets

2 apples
2 carrots
1 lemon or lime
1-2 cm ginger

No matter if I use organic or non-organic lemon or lime I always cut of the shell otherwise I think it sometimes can be a little to bitter. But if you use organic citrus you can leave it on if you like. If you use vegan ingredients all you need to do is to wash the rest of the ingredients and cut them into pieces which fit your juicer and start juicing. If you don’t use vegan ingredients I recommend that you peel them before juicing.

If you make an extra serve it’s perfect for storage in a bottle in the fridge for the next day.


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